About Me

About Me

About MeHello and welcome to my universe. I’m glad you stopped by! I hope you like WordPress because I have 100 themes for you as my free gift to you! These themes are very professionally designed and I think you will love them.

Within these pages you will find software reviews from a real person (me) who has actually used the software. I won’t just post generic material and hope you buy.  As a matter of fact, some of the software I will review is totally free!

The latest software I reviewed is Profits Theme. As you look at different pages throughout this site you will see the Profits Theme on every single page. It’s actually a theme for WordPress with tons of features. It’s not a plugin, it’s much more than that. I hope you’ll read my review on it and agree that this is an awesome theme.

I will not do reviews on software programs I do not use. I’ve seen it so many times on other sites where they simply copy and paste the default description from the vendor into their blog. How can they honestly call that a review? If they haven’t used the program, how CAN they review it?

Now, let’s stop gabbing and get down to business! Just click the links to navigate to the topics that interest you. I’ve got everything from HTML editors to hosting to WordPress themes and plugins listed. Happy hunting 🙂