Ebook Edit Pro Creates Stunning Ebooks

What is eBook Edit Pro?

eBook Edit ProSimply put, eBook Edit Pro is a software program that takes HTML files and creates a single executable file that resembles a web-browser. Unlike HTML pages, your newly created eBook is secure when packed into this form. The software uses easy to navigate step-by-step tabs to guide you through the eBook generating process.

I have been using Ebook Edit Pro for quite some time now and I find it is very easy to use. All you need to create an ebook is an HTML editor. I recommend using Trellian Webpage (free) to create your ebook pages. Trellian is a WYSIWYG editor which means you can create pages without knowing HTML. WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get.

I simply create a folder to save my pages in and start with index1.htm which is page one of my ebook. Of course index2, index3, etc will be my next pages. Once you have these pages created, all you need to do is compile them with Ebook Edit Pro and viola! Your new ebook is ready. Get Your Copy Now!

Features of Ebook Edit Pro include

  • Wizard-Like Compiler With Tabs – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Pop-up Help Bubbles throughout wizard – EXCLUSIVE!
  • New Project / Save Project / Open Project
  • No-temp File Extraction – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Subdirectory Support – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Changing of Font Size
  • ESC Key to Exit eBook
  • Supports the HTML 4 Browser Platform (IE)
  • Form Processing
  • The “Set as Default” Option – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Search eBook Feature
  • Affiliate Link in the About Box – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Custom Title Feature
  • Custom “About Box” Text
  • Custom, High-Quality Icon Branding
  • Allow or Disable Resizing of eBook
  • Disable Right-Mouse Click in eBook – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Start eBook Maximized / Default Window Size
  • Starting or Ending Pop-Up Dialog Box
  • Custom Starting or Ending Splash Screen – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Custom Page Ordering Feature – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Custom Bookmarks / Table of Contents – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Full Screen Kiosk Mode
  • Custom Toolbar & Icons
  • Custom Toolbar Button Text – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Custom Toolbar Background & Font Color Feature
  • Custom Toolbar Logo with Web Site Linking Ability – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Custom Toolbar Placement, Width & Height Feature
  • Toolbar Preview Button – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Custom Security Feature
  • Project Overview – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Compression
  • Test Compile – EXCLUSIVE!
  • Run Compiled eBook From Wizard with Drag ‘n Drop Capability – EXCLUSIVE!

eBook Edit Pro Demo

There’s enough features to cover every aspect of creating a stunning, easy to follow ebook. You can download a free demo to get a feel for it before you buy the full version. Get the eBook Edit Pro demo


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