STOP Promoting Other People’s Products

Do you promote other people’s products and services?

Because if you do (even for the slightest bit), then you
seriously need to reconsider and rethink carefully about the
product/service you are promoting.

What I mean is this – are you compensated well enough for your
time and effort?

Because most people that I know that promote other people’s
products are not. They think that they are compensated well,
when in fact they are not.

I’m not trying to fool you here. Look, I respect you as a
marketer and as a sane human being.

Let me ask you some questions:

1. How long does the product you are currently promoting track
affiliate cookies? 60 days? That’s too short.

2. Does the product you are currently promoting offer multiple
commissions from the same product owner? (pretty sure the answer
is no)

3. Does the product you are currently promoting have an
affiliate program that is 2-tier? (bet the answer is no again)

4. When you are paid commissions via PayPal, do you pay the
PayPal fees instead of the product owner? (pretty sure it’s yes)

5. How often do you get paid by the product owner? Once every 2
weeks or monthly? That’s too slow.

6. What is the minimum affiliate payout? $50 or $100? That’s
too much.

You know what – there exists an affiliate program that does the
COMPLETE OPPOSITE of those stated above. This affiliate program:

1. Uses LIFETIME cookies to track affiliate sales

2. Pays MULTIPLE commissions for multiple products (even though
you only promote 1 product)

3. Is a 2-TIER affiliate program (meaning when YOUR affiliates
get paid, so do you)

4. Takes care of the PayPal fees for you so that the commissions
you get is NET

5. Pays you WEEKLY

6. Doesn’t have any minimum payout. If they owe you $1, they’ll

My advice is to STOP whatever you are promoting now and checkout
this affiliate program which I think is the BEST affiliate
program out there:

PS. I know you might be skeptical about this. But at the very
least, checkout for yourself if this affiliate program does
in fact live up to its name of “the BEST affiliate program”:


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