Pulse Notify Plugin For WordPress

Pulse Notify Plugin For WOrdpressI’d Like to show you what Pulse Notify Plugin For WordPress can do for you and your subscribers.  And how easy it does it.

How many of you go to Facebook and, when you see the red dots at the top,  you click them to see your notification? Especially if you play the games from Zynga. I bet you all do. It has become second nature!

Up until now, only a select few (such as Zynga) had the privilege of sending those notifications. Now, there’s a nifty plugin for WordPress that let’s you do exactly that!


Introducing Pulse Notify Plugin For WordPress!

With Pulse Notify Plugin For WordPress you can send those notifications right to your subscribers from within your wordpress dashboard. PLUS you can use this plugin to build your list! It integrates with all the major autoresponders (Aweber, Getresponse, iContact, Mailchimp, etc) plus has the ability to accept generic autoresponder code. Using the “Connect With Facebook” button, your potential subscribers are automatically placed on your autoresponder list.

If you’ve been around Internet Marketing any amount of time, you’ve heard it said “The money is in the list”. While that is true, it isn’t as meaningful as it was back in the day. Email marketing is not dead but it certainly is less effective.


With so much spam and junk, it isn’t any wonder! Who likes spending their days sorting through thousands of emails? I certainly don’t. Email marketing does still work, just not as well as it did when email wasn’t so popular. Now, everyone has a list it seems. Now, everyone has email. Now, almost everyone is on someone’s list and most of the time – on multiple lists.

As we go along we end up on another list, and another list, until eventually we are on so many different lists, we get lost in the email forest! Then we grow more and more dependant on the delete button. Thank goodness for that delete button!


With Pulse Notify Plugin For WordPress, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Instead of just getting subscribers on your list and hope and pray they don’t delete your email before it gets read, wouldn’t it be nice to interract with them in a more social way? And be more certain they will see your message?

That’s exactly what Pulse Notify Plugin For WordPress does! Once you set it up in your dashboard, you can send your subscribers notifications right to their Facebook account just like Zynga does!

Pulse Notify Plugin For WordPress has another benefit. It helps with “optin form blindness”. People are so used to seeing optin forms and knowing, if they fill them in, they will be on yet another list, they tend to pass them by or not even see them anymore.


This makes it more and more difficult to build your list because no one is filling in your optin form. Pulse Notify to the resue again!

With Pulse Notify Plugin For WordPress you can add a “Connect With Facebook” button right above or below your post or in a widget. They click this button and become part of your list. No filling in optin forms. And we all know Facebook buttons work.

Instead of trying to explain all the feature of Pulse Notify Plugin For WordPress – it would be better if you just go see it yourself.

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